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Tailored Sports Programmes for Your School

We offers a fully customized sports programme designed to help schools develop their sports curriculum. Alongside our tailored fitness and activity programme, we also provide flexible PPA cover with our team of qualified and trained specialists covering a range of sports, health, fitness, dance and gymnastics.

At Fit 4 Learning, we understand the importance of delivering high-quality school sports programmes and PPA cover. As a result, we implement a range of quality assurance measures to ensure that our relationship with the school remains outstanding. We work closely with the Fit 4 Learning Partnerships to align our delivery with their sporting activities throughout the year, giving students a better experience and more opportunities to succeed.

Why Choose Us

Our Pupil Performance Programme (PPP)

Provides an environment in which every individual can develop in four key areas: physical, social, technical, and psychological. Each pupil receives two detailed PPP reports throughout the year, highlighting their progression in line with national curriculum guidelines.

After each term, students receive a certificate of attendance with positive feedback, which helps motivate and encourage them to improve their participation and skills further during the next term. Students who excel in sports have the opportunity to develop their skills further by joining local clubs and participating in local competitions.

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What we do
Delivering high-quality, customised sports programmes to help schools achieve their sports curriculum goals.

Experienced Staff

Our coaches hold a minimum coaching qualification of level 2, undergo full enhanced DBS checks, and possess comprehensive insurance cover. They are first aid trained and experienced within the school setting, undergoing regular CPD to stay up to date with the latest developments in their field. 

We provide a staff profile and bio to schools prior to deployment, and undertake a minimum of two observations per year in line with Ofsted requirements. Our team is equipped to manage full classes of children and has the knowledge and required strategies to cope with challenging behaviour. We differentiate each lesson to meet the needs of all learners while assessing the children’s progress.

Great Staff
Empowering students through sport and education
Safe, inclusive, and supportive learning environment
Tailored sports programs for schools of all levels
Certified coaches committed to student well-being.

Join us today and provide your students with the physical education and general well-being support they deserve.

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