We offer a range of additional programs that help improve your students’ general well-being. Our Intervention Programme provides support for students who are struggling with their mental health, and our Internet Safety program teaches them how to stay safe online. With our Peer Mentoring and Not in my Gang programs, we help create a supportive and safe school environment.


We also offer Family Learning programs that promote a healthy lifestyle, and our Parent Champions program provides resources and support to parents looking to get involved with their children’s education. Finally, our Health & Nutrition program helps your students learn about the importance of good nutrition and how to make healthy choices.


At Fit 4 Learning, we hold ourselves to the highest standards, and that’s why our coaches are regularly graded and observed with a CPD plan. By working closely with staff, we strive to maintain the quality of our coaching and develop the curriculum model.

Our programs are designed to be fun and enjoyable, and we’ve provided local children with exciting activities to do during their holidays. Now, we’re excited to bring that same energy and enthusiasm to your school.


We provide for a primary school’s PPA time and our main focus is on PE.

All staff specialise in the planning and delivery of these subjects to all key stages in primary schools throughout the Midlands and surrounding areas.


We deliver a wide range of fun and exciting games and activities to help improve fitness, gain more social skills and build the children’s confidence. This altogether makes it a more fun based learning environment for all the children that take part. It can also be used to help support school competitions and the P.E. curriculum.


This is a dual workshop, where we discuss the safety and dangers of the internet with pupils and parents, which increases awareness and opportunities to put in some strategies to improve use, awareness and monitoring.


Our lunchtime clubs provide children with an enjoyable way to take break from the learning environment. The clubs include and provide teachers with the time of the day when they can take a break, where the children can engage in an environment where they feel like they are not in the classroom. Children get active and have loads of fun with friends taking part in activities they love and also may not have tried before. We also use it as a tool to help the children’s interaction with others and with members of staff. We make sure that all of our staff are fully qualified, fully insured and hold current DBS, emergency aid and child protection certification


The workshop is aimed at identifying trigger points within the pupils’ environment and implementing a school and home development plan. Working very closely with the school, they are designed over a 6-8-week period


This is to highlight the gang issues surrounding young people and to highlight ways of avoidance. Here is an opportunity to share thoughts of pupils anonymously and we then develop an action plan to alleviate these issues.


Pricing for schools per day
for two coaches is as follows:

Program Price
PPA Cover
£38 per Hour
Peer Mentoring
After-School Club
£38 per Hour
Lunchtime Club
£38 per Hour
Workshops (Gangs)
£520 per workshop
Workshops (Internet Safety)
£520 per workshop
Intervention Courses (Course 1 Attendance)
£520 per workshop
Intervention Courses (Course 2 Behaviour Management)
£520 per workshop
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